Hatching Creatures is an international independent record label founded in 2016 and acted as a headquarter for new and authentic music creators. The company was founded by Adriana Ruppert, a renowned German DJ and music producer, Julian Velez. Headquartered in Miami and Munich, Hatching Creatures started off hosting a radio show, “Hatching Creatures Radio Show,” in 2018, and today, it has grown to encompass a broad and colorful spectrum of deep techno music artists from all over the world.


About Us

Everything we do at Hatching Creatures begins with our love and appreciation of music. Since our founding, the company’s mission has been the same: keep serving the community with world-class music that connects the American underground electronic music with that of Europe and inspires the landscape of DJs, music artists, creators, and fans. Featured in the top 100 in Deep Tech every month and biggest music magazine in German-speaking area ‘Faze Mag,’ Hatching Creatures’ back catalog is rich with musical milestones from Jey Kurmis and Alexi Delano. The company has also been interviewed by the biggest Colombian national TV channels twice.

We do Digital releases, Vinyl releases, merch, Mixing and Mastering services, and live events where we showcase our artists from around the world in different venues like Miami Music Week, Ibiza, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Mexico, USA, Chicago, NYC, Europe, Madrid, Ibiza, and others. Our goal is to constantly drive inspiration and innovation, defining and leading the progression of music culture globally.



As an innovative leader in the European music industry, we recognize the intrinsic value diversity adds to society, particularly the DJ community we serve. We don’t just focus on the electronic dance floor music; our commitment goes far and beyond to build an inclusive platform that embraces diversity among artists and music creators. Inclusivity is part of our company’s DNA and is fundamental to the development of the music community.

Thanks for being a fan, and we appreciate the constant support.