Official Artists


Adriana Ruppert (Co-owner / Manager)

Adriana Ruppert is a German based Dj. She grew up having an exceptional bond with her sister, Anca. The Dj looked upto to Anca in terms of support and motivation. According to the famous Dj, her sister played a significant part in assisting her with accomplishing her life goals.

She is the prime supporter of two record marks, including Hatching Creatures and Funky Creatures. Hatching Creatures was established in 2016 and center around advancing hopeful profound techno specialists. The Funky Creatures, then again, was established in 2019, as an auxiliary of Hatching Creatures, which earned its attention on advancing house music specialists.

Adriana stepped forward in the electro-music industry by making an organization “Hatching Creatures Records” in 2016 through joining forces with Julian Velez, a Dj and a Producer from Miami. Adriana and Julian work together to make Hatching Records one of the world’s thriving record names.

Today, Adriana is acquiring distinction and fame globally, and rightfully-so. She remains among the most discussed figures in the electronic music area in Germany. Aside from music, she is likewise a movement fan and appreciates meeting new individuals.

In 2018, the company also began hosting a show, “Hatching Creatures Radio Show.” The show, too, was created for introducing new artists and new tracks to electronic music enthusiasts.

On 20th November 2017, Ruppert independently released her first track, ‘Just Dance.’ The track received a lot of positive responses from Spain, Turkey, Greece, and New York. The most responses the track received were from the Latin parts of the world, including Chile, Colombia and Argentina. The DJ won the DJANEMAG’s 2019 Revelation Producer, which is proof of her success.


Julian Velez (Founder / Co-owner)

Julian Velez is a DJ and Music Producer based in Miami who’s also known as the founder and co-owner of Hatching Creatures and Funky Creatures. Julian’s DJ career began in New York back in 2008 but it wasn’t until the year 2013 when he took a step forward and started releasing his own music. After accomplishing some of his goals within the music industry, in 2016, he started his own record label named Hatching Creatures and later that year, he joined forces with the talented German artist Ruppert. As Hatching Creatures was more of an underground record label falling under the genres of Minimal and Deep Tech, Julian and Ruppert decided to come up with something more streamable and that’s when they launched their new imprint Funky Creatures dedicated only to House Music.

Some of Julian’s accomplishments through both labels have been top ten positions in the Beatport Charts Charts (Minimal / Dee Tech), Beatports Best Tracks of the Month and vinyl releases.

Through his music record labels, Julian is determined to provide a platform for upcoming musicians to explore their talents, give artists the opportunity to be part of their labels showcase parties and also connect them to the world. His mission has been offering artists a brand they can trust for promoting their music both locally and internationally. For Julian, working as a producer, performing and managing two music companies is a deep-rooted artistic statement that explains his passion for music.



Riven Benavi

Riven Benavi’s intricate mix of deep tech and house has made him one of the most unique electronic music producers on the scene.  His impressive discography includes releases on top labels including Hatching Creatures, Funky Creatures, Witty Tunes, Klaphouse, Deepperfect, and more.  He has released two 12 inch vinyls on Hatching Creatures and has performed in New York, Miami, Columbia, and Panama.  Now, he is preparing to release the best music of his career and reach a larger audience than ever before.

Riven was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  While he always loved music, it wasn’t until he moved to Miami that he discovered his true passion.  He spent nearly all his free time absorbing the city’s legendary nightlife and soaking up all the different styles and cultures.  When he finally decided to start making his own productions, he already had the sound of a seasoned veteran, and quickly began releasing a series of memorable tracks.

Riven’s music has been ranked in the top 100 on Beatport and has been supported by notable DJ’s including Richie Hawtin, Stefano Noferini, and Paco Osuna.  Currently based in Chicago, he as passionate about his craft as ever, is looking forward to use his music to bring people together in any way possible.